About Teeth Whitening Cardiff

Teeth Whitening Cardiff is a family run business, led by Ilona Webb, who, is an honest hard working business woman, with a great deal of diligence and patience. Being very organised she is able to incorporate her time around her business, family and assisting the homeless in Cardiff, believing that it is important to help those who are less fortunate.

Ilona takes great pride in looking after herself and has attained a great deal of knowledge and experience in the world of beauty. It was whilst researching the teeth whitening industry for her own appearance reasons that she realised that this was a business that she could improve and run successfully to a very high standard.

Pleasing her customers is her main objective and she always strives to attain ultimate customer satisfaction.

A law was passed in 2001 stating that teeth whitening was to be legally classed as a cosmetic treatment as opposed to a surgical procedure.

This took the monopoly of expensive treatments away from the dentists’ profession and opened up a new opportunity for everyone to afford a new smile!

Ilona is fully qualified as a teeth whitening practitioner and her qualifications, as well as her 3rd party liability insurance are always kept up to date and are available for inspection at any time.

Ilona selected the method of teeth whitening from a host of available methods because of its safety, reliability and most importantly, because of the amazing results achieved in just one session using this system.