Teeth Whitening Faqs

Q Is the treatment painful?
A No, not at all. Some people may feel a slight tingling sensation, but no pain. There is no tooth sensitivity at all, but you may experience some tenderness in your gums because the teeth whitening gel eradicates the bacteria that resides between your teeth and soft tissue of the gum.
Q Do you use laser?
A No, We use a powerful state of the art LED (Light Emitting Diode) dual band system whitening accelerator which illuminates the teeth at a wave length of 480 – 520 nanometres, which is proven to be the optimal range for the most effective tooth whitening. Harmful ultra violet light and infra red light are completely removed by the filtering system and the intense beam of light is filtered through over 12,000 optical fibres producing a completely safe focused beam of cool blue light. This light penetrates the teeth, activating and awakening the chemicals within the teeth whitening formula enabling the most amazing results seen within the teeth whitening industry.
Q Are you a dentist?
A We are not dentists, our teeth whitening procedure is a “Cosmetic Treatment” carried out by trained technicians.
Q Will it damage my enamel?
A No, it's a gentle treatment that does not effect the enamel.
Q How often can this treatment be carried out?
A This depends on your life style, we recommend every 12 months just touching up. You can have it done as often as you like. A saturation point will be achieved where your teeth will be restored to their original colour.
Q Can you have the treatment if pregnant or lactating?
A We advise not to, though there are no health risks we have not conducted any field trilas.
Q Can it whiten crowns or veneers?
A Yes though they will only return to their original colour.
Q How white will my teeth become?
A This depends on the level of discolouration. The treatment is particularly effective for removing tobacco, coffee and red wine stains.
Q How long will the result last?
A We sate that on average the treatment lasts between 12 – 18 months depending on various factors such as smoking and regularly consuming staining agents.
Q Why is the treatment such good value?
A A trained beauty therapist can carry out the treatment as opposed to a relatively expensive dentist. The procedure is purely a cosmetic treatment.